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Aussie Entrepreneur Cracks Open His Vault of Coveted Dot-Com Domain Names

Starting today, corporations, business owners and investors have a once-in-a-lifetime chance to turn back the clock to a time when valuable dot-com names were plentiful. Bidding on these rare gems is set to continue until the last available domain name is sold.

Sydney, Australia – AbodeDomains.com today announced the availability of over 300 premium aged dot-com domain names to be sold at auction commencing immediately. This exceptional opportunity for corporations, business owners and investors to own a piece of prime digital real estate will continue until the last name is sold.

The shortage of quality dot-com names has forced businesses to switch to less identifiable top-level domains (TLD) that do not have the familiarity and name recognition attached to the venerable dotcom. Internet users are conditioned to typing .com and many businesses using other TLDs are finding their sales being siphoned off by competitors who registered the dot-com version of the domain back when options were plentiful.

“A domain name really can make or break a company,” according to Mr. Jeff Staniforth, CEO of AbodeDomains.com. “The business potential of choosing the right name is enormous. A business can make millions using an easy to remember dot-com domain as a major portal for the company. Descriptive domain names help establish brand identity, brand awareness, and a web presence. They’re effective in generating traffic to the site and helping launch new products or services,” added Staniforth.

Many businesses think their best option is to register their own company name and use that to market to the public. That strategy works well for Fortune 1000 companies like Amazon, eBay & Yahoo that invest millions in building their brand name recognition. But that same strategy fails for lesser-know companies with great products or services to sell but no name recognition. Even the big companies can benefit by using product or service-specific dot-com names to capture the attention of buyers looking for a specific product or service and not sure where to buy it.

An unknown electronic cigarette manufacturer, for example, probably wouldn’t benefit from trading under their corporate name. But they are likely to generate substantial sales marketing their products using a web site named QuitSmokingForLife.com.

That name and other descriptive dot-com domains including PropertyMonthly.com, LoansInvest.com, VacanciesNow.com, TheKidzShop.com, KwickTrades.com and MainBoxOffice.com will be available at the auction. Many of these domain names were registered over 10 years ago. A complete catalog of available domain names can be downloaded at: www.abodedomains.com

For more information, including bidding options and procedures, or to place a bid on the perfect dotcom name, visit: www.abodedomains.com or contact Jeff Staniforth at: jeff@jeffstaniforth.com

Jeff Staniforth
CEO – AbodeDomains Consulting Group Ltd.
Phone: 612-9460-8098
E-mail: jeff@jeffstaniforth.com
Web: www.abodedomains.com