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Revolutionize Your Real Estate Strategy with This Once-In-A-Lifetime Opportunity to Own Nineteen Easy-To-Remember Aged Domain Names

Virtual “RealEstateServe” business opportunity is modeled around an exclusive set of real estate-themed domain names for sale at www.AbodeDomains.com.

Sydney, Australia – September 26, 2013AbodeDomains.com, a company specializing in descriptive brandable domain names, today announced the availability of nineteen real estate-themed domain names for sale at auction. Acquiring this set of aged dot-com domain names is a first step in capitalizing on a new way to buy, sell, rent, and lease real estate on the Internet.

One of the domain names for sale is RealEstateServe.com; the main brand and portal for this new online real estate business. Four other domain names including PropertyMonthly.com, HomeLoansNoFee.com, LoansNoFee.com and ConveyanceKit.com identify additional services offered via the RealEstateServe.com site.

The other fourteen domain names for sale in the real estate-themed set are used by sellers to create easy-to-remember dot-com signs to physically display on the properties they have listed at RealEstateServe.com. These are universally accepted domain names like ApartmentsNowSelling.com that sellers can use to advertise their properties. View the list of nineteen aged domain names for sale here.

Upon viewing a sign on a property, potential clients can go to the displayed domain name to access this and other properties listed on the RealEstateServe property database. They can also register to receive a personalized copy of PropertyMonthly.com magazine that lists all available properties that meet their search criteria.

“Everybody who understands the need to adopt automated Internet methods in order to survive and prosper once traditional brick-and-mortar real estate businesses disappear should participate in this auction,” suggests Jeff Staniforth, CEO of AbodeDomains.com. “Branding is everything, and having average domain names will not only hinder your efforts, it will cost you in lost revenue. Acquiring this valuable domain name asset presents a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity you won’t find anywhere else,” he added.

Memorable domain name signs are one of many features that set this “one-stop” approach to conducting real estate transactions apart from other online real estate services. Because of widespread acceptance of dot-com domain names, the RealEstateServe.com concept could operate globally. It could even facilitate a worldwide franchised network. The concept also offers huge website advertising potential for marketers looking to partner with real estate agents interested in expanding their online reach.

Who’s this online Real Estate concept suited for? While markets like those in Australia, the UK and the US are obvious, one not-so-obvious market is China. In just the past year China’s market has experienced massive growth. According to a recent article, one in four of the 1,021 people on the Hurun Rich List made their money from real estate, which passed manufacturing to become this year’s top source of wealth.

Review the details of the RealEstateServe.com concept and the complete list of aged domain names for sale by downloading http://abodedomains.com/RealEstateServe.pdf now.


Jeff Staniforth
CEO – AbodeDomains Consulting Group Ltd.
Phone: 612-9460-8098
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