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AbodeDomains.com auctions premium domain names

AbodeDomains.com, an Australian domain name auction company, is pleased to announce the sale of top-level, premium domain names. Descriptive, brandable, and aged domain names, which are crucial to the success of any Internet business, are now up for bidding. This offers interested parties a rare chance to acquire hard to come by domain names that will give their websites that much-needed boost in the World Wide Web.

As the Internet continues to grow and as thousands of new websites are created every second, the process of acquiring the best, most descriptive domain names becomes more and more challenging for bloggers, developers, and internet-based companies. However, AbodeDomains.com is committed to change this.

Their website features a unique collection of desirable domains all up for bidding. Top editor’s picks include LoansInvest.com, RetireInveestment.com, and On-linebilling.com. These and other memorable, high-impact domain names are guaranteed to give website owners an instant presence online. Their collection, which spans a wide range of topics and interests, consists of names that are equipped for websites under various categories, such as business and investing, computer and Internet, health, recreation, science, self-help, and shopping.

Interested bidders can acquire their desired domains by going to AbodeDomains at http://abodedomains.com/ where they can conveniently browse through the listings to look for a name that stands out for them and that best fits the purpose and characteristics of their websites. For a quick search through their best offers, the website has a short list of its editor’s picks and featured domain names. To purchase, AbodeDomains.com uses an online bidding forum to give all interested buyers a fair chance of obtaining the domain names they desire. Winning bidders will receive wire transfer details via email.

Website developers who are in the process of building a site have the higher chance of finding the best domain name for their websites from among the many different names available at AbodeDomains.com. All of these available domain names are simple, easy to remember, aged, and can properly and accurately describe a website, making it easier for visitors to determine the purpose of the website in question.

AbodeDomains.com is committed not only in providing top-level domain names to webpage developers, bloggers, and internet-based businesses, but it is also driven to make the process of finding the best, most descriptive domain names hassle-free to all interested parties.

About AbodeDomains.com

AbodeDomains.com is run by Australian company AffirmWare Proprietary Limited, under AbodeDomains Consulting Group Limited. The company is spearheaded by Chief Executive Officer Jeff Staniforth. The list of all available domain names up for bids, complete bidding instructions, and other pertinent details regarding the company’s offers are all posted on the website.


For more information, including bidding options and procedures, or to place a bid on the perfect dotcom name, visit: www.abodedomains.com or contact Jeff Staniforth at: jeff@jeffstaniforth.com

Jeff Staniforth
CEO – AbodeDomains Consulting Group Ltd.
Phone: 612-9460-8098
E-mail: jeff@jeffstaniforth.com
Web: www.abodedomains.com